MDacne uses computer vision to provide personalized acne treatment

San Francisco, CA - Feb 5th, 2018

MDacne is the world’s first technology that allows people with acne to take a selfie on their phone and have their skin analyzed. Based on the analysis, subscribers will get customized anti-acne medications that are specifically personalized to their skin type and acne severity.

This service is important because millions are suffering from acne, but few actually visit a dermatologist. In the United States, there are 50 million people with acne, but only ten percent see a dermatologist. The other 90 percent rely on medicine they buy online or at drug stores, which are one-size-fits-all products not customized to their skin. These range from being ineffective to actually exacerbating acne.

MDacne provides people with the personal care of a dermatologist at a fraction of the price and time. The technology uses image analysis and algorithms to make a diagnosis within just a few seconds. The subscription model also allows for ongoing 24/7 monitoring that allows users to track skin progress and chat with a dermatologist. Based on this monitoring, MDacne can adjust the recommended medications.

Since launching out of Y Combinator, MDacne has already served over 100,000 users. Besides Y Combinator, MDacne has raised $1.6 million from top investors including Khosla Ventures and SV Angel. As part of its launch, MDacne will be offering a free month of service through February to any new users who sign up.

Users can just use the discount code SAVE$20. They will get the first month free and only have to pay the $9.95 for shipping.

How does the skin analysis process work?

After a new user downloads the app, they answer a few questions and take a selfie. The selfie is analyzed with computer vision and deep learning technology, and the user receives a full analysis of their skin type and acne condition. The download and analysis is free.

If the user wishes to continue, they input their address and receive a personalized acne treatment kit within 2-3 days. The kit includes a customized medicated acne cleanser, customized anti-acne medication, and a special moisturizer. Every three months, the user receives a kit replacement.

Users continue to take selfies to monitor acne progress. If there is no improvement, MDacne will continue to adjust the medication until the user achieves clear skin. The app also provides skin tips, recommended diets, and ongoing selfie charts so users can track their progress.

MDacne was founded in California by Oded and his father, Yoram Harth. Oded, the CEO, is mobile software engineer and computer vision expert with specific expertise in direct-to-consumer mobile applications. Dr. Yoram Harth, is a well known Dermatologist, former research fellow at the department of Dermatology at Columbia Presbyterian in New York and winner of the World Street Journal Europe award for his innovations in the treatment of acne. "We founded MDacne to create a more efficient and affordable way to treat acne" Oded explains. "To change the way people treat their acne we combined Dermatologist formulated algorithms with computer vision and deep learning technologies." "We also developed our proprietary line of anti-acne FDA cleared acne medications." "The only existing alternative to this level of personalized, ongoing care is going to see a dermatologist." Says Dr. Harth. "Most people with acne are confused by misleading information that promotes one-size-fits-all products that can irritate and over dry the skin, or “magical” all-in-one products that are simply ineffective. For the first time, people with acne can use their smartphone to assess their skin type and acne severity, and then get a fully customized acne treatment kit sent right to their home. The combination of our personalized anti acne medications with an highly engaging mobile app allows us to help and motivate our customers through their journey to clear skin."

About MDAcne

MDacne was founded to help people with acne. MDacne goal is to provide people with acne immediate and precise skin analysis, a personalized treatment plan and customized acne treatment products to treat their acne in a faster, more efficient and more affordable way than ever before.

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